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Founder of 360 Group Coaching Consulting & Training. I help leaders just like you to grow & tackle tough issues through one-on-one coaching, consulting, training & customized workshops.

The 360 Coaching, Consulting and Training

Is a SDVOSB and is a designer, developer, and implementer of leadership training, coaching, and consulting programs that are designed to foster teamwork, cross-cultural value, and impact on an organization’s effectiveness and bottom line. Whether you need to make an impact through Assessment, Coaching, Consulting, Training or Support, we can help your staff, managers, teams, and/or executives be more effective contributors to the workplace by assessing organizational knowledge gaps and crafting custom tailored solutions.

Dr. Reginald Screen

Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Cultural Intelligence Coach & Trainer

Dr. Screen is a seasoned Leadership Coach who helps leaders tackle and solve their toughest problems.  He can provide one-on-one or group coaching, facilitate custom workshops for your organization & provide keynote messages.  Dr. Screen is also a certified Culture Matters: Unconscious Bias Trainer & Coach.

✓  Over 30 years of business, military, and non-profit                  leadership development experience

✓ Experience as a multi-cultural organizational leader

✓ Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership with an         emphasis on Leadership Coaching and Mentorship​

✓ Doctorate in Apologetics and Theology

✓ Certified Culture Matters: Unconscious Bias Trainer  &       Coach 


It would be easier for us to avoid this topic altogether because when you talk about it, it gets messy.  The workshop was not a time of venting, but a time of expression that will lead to further growth. To be here as a married couple is powerful for us because we will talk about this for weeks, if not months, to come.

Jonathan Schaeffer

C&MA Board Chairman

I believe this workshop would be helpful for every district in our organization. I would love to see our national leadership participate in this workshop. We don’t do a good job of including African Americans in higher levels of leadership. I really believe this would be an eye opening workshop for our entire organization.

Dr. Ron Morrison

C&MA Board of Directors Member

The 360 Group

A team of talented consultants focused on solving your toughest problems through coaching, consulting, & training. 

Our Vision

Exposing, Educating, Equipping, and Empowering the next generation of leaders.

Our Mission

Training and Coaching leaders in the community and the marketplace to be more effective in their area of influence. 

Our Values

Relational, Honoring, Forgiving, Honest, Humble, Affirming Human Dignity

360 Group Coaching, Consulting, & Training
Our Services & Workshops

Dr. Reginald Screen is available to speak to your organization in a culturally sensitive way, regarding the importance of understanding culture and its implications for effectiveness in the workplace. You may contact us at 678-316-0534 or [email protected].

Leadership Coaching

Our Leadership Coaching is designed to help leaders incorporate lessons learned from our one-on-one interactions or workshops. I’ll work with you to tackle tough issues in your life or organization either one-on-one or in a group setting. I have over thirty years of business, military and non-profit leadership development experience that I can leverage to help you overcome any issue you’re facing. I’m also available to speak to your organization on a variety of topics

Culture Matters: Managing Bias to Improve Performance

This highly interactive 4-6 hour workshop is designed to help individuals and groups enhance their cultural awareness and understand the effect of unconscious bias on workplace performance. Participants draw upon research-based findings to improve their self-awareness and develop the first steps for relating and working with cultural intelligence. You’ll come away with greater understanding of others.

Personality Impact Workshop

Using the #1 profiling system in the world (DISC BASIC), you will learn the strengths & weaknesses of your unique personality profile. You will understand yourself and those you interact with based on their personality styles and behaviors. Understanding how to manage your behavior and to bring stability to your work environment and personal relationships. This is a four to six hour workshop we conduct on-site at your organization.

Bridging Generations Workshop

Discover how the different generations interact and the keys to effectively communicate with them.  We teach you how to connect, care for, and relate to each generation. Additionally, you’ll learn how each generation was formed, their characteristics, how they relate, and the most effective ways to reach each generation.

This workshop will help you create inclusive and multi-generational events that reach across the ages.

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