It would be easier for us to avoid this topic altogether because when you talk about it, it gets messy.  The workshop was not a time of venting, but a time of expression that will lead to further growth. To be here as a married couple is powerful for us because we will talk about this for weeks, if not months, to come.

Jonathan Schaeffer

C&MA Board Chairman

As a result of the workshop, I feel that I am more prepared to go back to my college campus and start the conversations that need to happen with a better perspective. After this conference, I’m ready to approach the conversation with an attitude of reconciliation.

Anna Schaeffer

University of Texas Student

I believe this workshop would be helpful for every district in our organization. I would love to see our national leadership participate in this workshop. We don’t do a good job of including African Americans in higher levels of leadership. I really believe this would be an eye opening workshop for our entire organization.

Dr. Ron Morrison

C&MA Board of Directors Member

Everyone ought to attend this workshop regardless of their role.  Every human being is born prejudice.  We have no idea how self-deceived we are, but with the way this workshop is structured, you can’t stay there.  It forces you to look inward and do your own honest examination of your own heart, motives, and thoughts.  Anyone could benefit and should attend.

Ron Higey

Birmingham International Church

Our paradigm shift can start with self awareness, but it will never be changed…we can never be transformed without the input of the people around us. Hearing the narratives and the stories of racism in the history of America doesn’t excuse the prejudice and hate that I felt from both blacks and whites, but it does give me an understanding of what racial reconciliation could be.

Kong Hang

C&MA Envision Leader

The most insightful thing I learned from the conference is that reconciliation and justice is not just a social issue.  What I have seen in this conference is that there are people who don’t look like me, but have the same heart as me.  I think Dr. Screen is wired to present and to teach and inform.  His delivery and the way that he explains things makes the light come on.

Gwen Perkins

Wells Fargo Bank Vice President

Dr. Reggie Screen’s work of reconciliation between people of different social backgrounds and ethnic origins is an essential and central part of learning what it means to ‘love our neighbor.’ Dr. Reggie Screen is a man of the highest character, skill, and insight and is undoubtedly called to this vital work. I cannot recommend him or his work more highly.

Mike Breen

3D Movements Founder

Reggie Screen is touching the heart of the issue as he helps us to focus our relationships with others. Specifically, loving others that are not like us in terms of race, ethnicity, or other differences is paramount if we want to be an example to the watching world. Prejudice, not understanding one another, not really “knowing” each other are major roadblocks in building trusting friendships. We must pursue authentic community by putting our prejudice, our biases, aside!

Chip Sweeny

Executive Leadership Team at Perimeter Church & Director Unite Churches

Dr. Reginald Screen’s heart for reconciliation compels him to address the root causes behind the division of the races and ethnic groups in our nation. But it’s not just about being reconciled. It’s also about living in an authentic community. Dr. Screen has rightly identified the important piece of dealing with and removing our own prejudices and biases in this process. I’m excited about the work he’s doing.

Kelvin Walker

C&MA Board of Directors Member

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